This has really worked for me, and will even better once I cut down on my wine & beer consumption, which is MY resolution for 2017!

Something else I have discovered:  No need for the gym, really.  There are almost countless, full workouts you can do using your own body weight, in your own house.  Bonus if you own a dumbell, abs wheel, or exercise ball.

My favorite thing about working out is that it flushes all the negativity from my day away.  I really believe that most people would be happier, and feel more in control of their lives, if they did this, so I hope more do!


The hard facts from this study out of Loughborough University in England:

*You need to do 75 minutes of hard exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week to lower your chances of dying from heart disease by 40% and your chances of dying from cancer by 18%.  So if you just hit the gym hard, work out at home, or do some intense outdoor cardio for around 35 minutes two days a week, that could be enough.

*Now, when it comes to other goals, like getting a six pack or losing weight, those will take more time and effort.  But if you just want to change from being totally sedentary to somewhat healthy, two days of exercise can cut it.

One more thing not in the study, but relevant for us, is that skiing or snowboarding is said to burn up 500 calories per hour!  500, just for having the time of your life (or falling on your a**.  Whatever the case.)

Great luck being one of the reasons Colorado looks amazing!!

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