When Americans want food, we want it a.s.a.p., and we want to go to the least possible effort to get it - so yeah, we're lazy, but probably pretty smart as well - but the things people need on the double are nothing short of entertaining.  Roughly one third of them are food or drinks.  The ones that aren't leave me scratching my head, though.

The Random

Take for example, paper shredders.  Those are the most common two-day shipping orders from Walmarts in Pennsylvania.  What the hell are these people trying to hide???

In Maine, it's mosquito head nets.  I will never forget my first hike in Maine's neighbor Vermont.  Miserable.  So many bugs I could barely keep my eyes open.  We have it good here!

New Jersey is payin' extra for shipping pencil sharpeners.  Perhaps school budgets are high there?  I'll let you Google that one if you wish.

Georgia Walmarters have a love affair with smart phone sim cards.  Thank goodness for those when you're in the boonies and can't get reception.


The Clean and Healthy

Arkansas uses a lot of disinfectant wipes, while Illinois is crazy for laundry detergent, Massachusetts likes wipes as well but the flushable kind, New Mexico shops the Wally for trash bags, and New York orders more paper towels on two-day shipping than any other state.


The Bevs

Nevada stays stocked up the most on soy milk, North Dakota needs its powdered lemonade, in Oklahoma it's Folgers Coffee - so a lot of grandparents live in Oklahoma, right?  That's the last generation I knew of who preferred Folgers - and black, at that.


The Grub

What a gross word for food, but there it is.  When South Dakota orders something from Walmart via the 2-day, it's usually macaroni and cheese.  Alabama, however, prefers cake mix.  Instant ramen wins in Kansas.  Minnesota represent, yo!  Tortilla chips.  (I try to always keep them handy, myself.)



Ingredients for s'mores!  By the way, why is there an apostrophe in that word?  And why is it called that?  Well a quick and not-at-all in depth online search tells us it's a Girl Scout term going back to 1927, the full term for which is "some more"'s.


Here's the whole list.  Have fun.



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