Northern Colorado is dominating yet another Gallup pole that reflects a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Gallup and Sharecare Research put together a study to determine which cities engage in exercise more than others. They found that on a national level, more people are breaking a sweat and improving their overall health with exercise. The national rate is at a nine-year high. When breaking down the rates for American cities, they determined that top exercise communities have over 65% of that community exercising regularly.

Here is the top 5:
1. Boulder, CO
2. Fort Collins, CO
3. San Luis Obispo–Paso Robles, CA
4. Greeley, CO
5. Santa Rosa, CA

No other cities in Colorado are in rest of the top 10. As for the least active, according to this research, no city in Colorado made that list.

Maybe this is the motivator to finally strap on the shoes and put on the running pants. There's no better influence than knowing that everybody else is doing it.

Congrats Northern Colorado for once again kicking butt on a national level!

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