In 2010, I adopted Bella, despite the fact she had been returned to the animal shelter by two different owners for her excessive energy and the fact she just couldn't leave cats alone.

But she was beautiful, and she gave me the best "demo," meaning she was up on her hinds chasing me the best she could from inside a crate, and she wouldn't shut up! Isn't that what you would do if you were her??

Fast forward a couple of days. We go out to eat at Charco-Broiler. I didn't want her jumping over the seats of our CR-V, so I put her on a short chain to one of the hooks in the back of this small SUV. Well, that really ticked her off. When we came out, the entire back of the back seat was eaten out. Gone.

Immediately, I wanted to kill her, and it made a lot more sense that she had been "re-sheltered." But, we owned this monster now, so instead of killing her I took to the internet and learned about this thing called EXERCISING YOUR DOG. And we have done this every day since, except we give ourselves Saturdays and horrible weather days off. All it takes is 30 minutes, friend. You will have yourself a new dog, and one who respects you, but... You still have to let them know you're in charge, or they will take it, especially if they are a Husky like Bella!

I learned that you're actually doing your dog a service by taking charge. For instance, when they pull on their leash? That's because they're stressed and assuming they're supposed to lead. I keep short choke collars for my dogs, so I can remind them I'm the leader, and more often than not, they walk beside me.

By the way, if you're one of those owners who leaves your dog at the end of a leash 24/7, oftentimes barking at all hours (gee, I wonder why,) do everyone a favor, please, and either start doing your job as a dog owner, or re-home that poor animal. These people are all over my neighborhood, and it's sad.

Geoff Gundy, TSM
"Rosie" - Geoff Gundy, TSM

Our routine goes every other day:  Walk them / let them run (chasing a tennis ball when they want) at the greenway across the street from our house. The dog park works just as well.

Even though Bella is still a turd (there's also Rosie, whom I adopted because she was six, and I know no one would've taken her, and she was so adorable,) I can never overlook the gratitude and excitement these dogs just can't bottle up, every day I take them out.

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