It's now going to happen 100%:  Full-strength beer will be available in Colorado grocery and convenience stores, starting in January 2019.  Both Colorado Senate and House voted rather overwhelmingly in favor of the new law last week.

Our state has only been allowed to sell beer that's 3.2% a.b.v. ("3-2 beer") for longer than most of us can remember.

Fun question:  Do you know anyone who has purchased 3-2 beer not knowing it wasn't full strength?  I knew one guy.  I must admit, several of us let him buy 12-packs from Wal-Mart several times before we filled him in.

It is ironic that we live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, yet you can't get "real" beer anywhere except liquor stores - and, up until a couple of years ago, those stores had to stay closed on Sundays!  I, for one, don't miss being mad at myself some Sundays because I wanted to enjoy some beer at home and, once again dang it, forgot to pick some up the day before and designate it for today.

I'm pretty sure I'll continue shopping at my familiar liquor stores for beer, and there certainly is a lot of discussion and concern for these stores' collective fate with this change.  How about you?

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