Today kind of feels like a "Monday," and I'm not one of those people who usually complains about Monday being Monday.  I mean, crap, that's 1/7th of my life, so it'd better not suck!

Anyway, something a little energizing without demanding a lot of attention, close listening, or brain power seemed appropriate to shift today into high gear.

I've always admired solo songwriters who can perfectly mix all of the song's elements into one track, and that's what this is.  This "band" is basically this guy, Jack Tatum.  The only time he’s joined by band mates is when he’s touring.  And it kind of sounds like he prefers the touring side of his job.  He says “On the road, it definitely feels like a band; the live show’s all about how we individually interpret the songs I made – there’s five different takes on them. But the records are all me."  So he has a few albums out, and this song comes from the 2016 one called Life of Pause.

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