Weld County's 789-acre wild animal refuge is nearly full.  What's more is the area, near Keenesburg, is filling in with developments and inching closer and closer to it.  So, the Wild Animal Sanctuary, a group who has rescued around 1000 animals since 1980, has purchased a 9004-acre chunk of land nearly 200 miles southeast of its current location.  "The Wildlife Refuge" will be located between the towns of LaJunta and Springfield.

This doesn't mean the operation in Northern Colorado will close.  The animals who are there will stay in that location, as the Wild Animal Sanctuary continues to educate people about our world's captive wildlife crisis.  It is home to lions, tigers, bears, wolves, jaguars, mountain lions, leopards, bobcats, lynx, coyotes, fox, coatimundi, porcupines, raccoons, ostriches, emus, alpacas, horses and a camel, rescued from illegal or abusive situations.

While the new refuge will take several months to put together, it will likely be much longer before humans are allowed to visit it.  There is no estimated timeline for that.  This is a very remote location, full of hills, trees, and rocks - unlike the current one that is mostly grassland prairie.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary can always use financial support.  The group has invested about two million dollars in its recent purchase, but will need much more funding to carry out its goals.  You can find out more, and donate, here!


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