This is today's Side Track because I think it's a great combination of electro and rock, with some crazy good percussion throughout!  I generally feature songs that I think sound original, as there is a fair amount of rock music (usually the harder stuff) that is just recycled from as far back as 30 years ago.  I guess that's what I love most about the Alternative format, anyway:  It's where you generally find the rock of the future.

This poor band just can't seem to make the big time!  Yet.  It seems like everyone has given them a shot, though.  They played South by Southwest in 2013.  They've been featured on ABC News' Emerging Artists on the Rise article, as well as the BBC.  Even Time Magazine called them one of the 11 Bands you Don't Know but Should.  Now, here's this little guy throwing it on the airwaves in Northern Colorado.

Stay tuned!  You may be hearing a lot more from these guys down the road!  Find this song on the album Synesthesia.  Enjoy.

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