So I've now played two Side Tracks in less than a month that have been featured in TV commercials.  Honestly, in both cases, the commercial left me hungry for the rest of the song.  Neither ad left me wanting the product being advertised, but hey - I have written commercials for a long time, so I'm a tough sell.  I still give both spots a thumbs up, because I remember them years later!  That's a win for an ad writer.

While I hope to spare you of cliches on your morning show on the X, I admit my playing this today is an exception to that rule.  Sorry - I love the song.  Its rowdy energy makes me want to drink, actually.  Seriously, though:  Do you realize this tune has been featured in more than 40 events?!  Let's forget one of them is Patriots home games, because I don't watch sports on TV.  I'm runnin' with the Sam Adams ad it has been in, then probably enjoying it sometime this weekend while drinking something from O'Dell's.  

I'm super excited that they're coming to Denver with Rancid!

By the way, here's the other "commercial" song I played recently.  This one was in early 2000s Garnier Fructis shampoo commercials.

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