You know their song, 'Middle Fingers,' but what you probably didn't know is that one half of the band Missio was born right here in Fort Collins, and now headlines the local venue he used to see shows at.

Courtesy RCA Records
Courtesy RCA Records

Much to our surprise, if you asked Matthew Brue of the band Missio where he used to see shows when he was growing up, he'd tell you:

The Black Sheep (Colorado Springs), maybe a few at the Marquis (Denver).

Now, he headlines the Marquis with bandmate David Butler.

What if you asked him who he was listening to ten years ago? He'd tell you about his favorite band at the time, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, a group from Denver whose keyboardist, Aaron Rothe, was someone Brue looked up to.

Drop Dead, Gorgeous members, including Rothe, now make up a band called 888 -- you might have head of them ;) . 888 is now on tour with Missio.

Missio's Matthew Brue Talks About Growing Up in Colorado (Audio):


Missio -- 'Middle Fingers'

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