The Denver Police Department just hired a very special new employee; she might be new, but she's definitely the cutest member of the force - and she's about to put smiles on tons of people's faces.

Meet Shelby, the Denver Police Department's newest therapy dog.

According to a Nov. 5 post via Denver PD's official Facebook page, Shelby, a 15-month-old, Black English Labrador Retriever, will accompany her Denver Police officer handler as they partner in making positive community connections.

The Denver Police Department swore the Community Resource Pup into its police force on Thursday, Nov. 4.

As per Denver PD, Shelby is American Kennel Club certified and will accompany her Community Resource Officer Handler Teresa Gillian.

Some of the duties that Officer Gillian, who works in Denver Police District Six, and Shelby will do together include:

  • meeting with senior residents
  • attending meetings and community events
  • finding meaningful ways to connect with those Denver PD serves

Shelby will also assist during outreach efforts in areas greatly impacted by persistent violent crime by joining officers as they contact residents and businesses.

What makes Shelby even more special? She is the first therapy dog in the Denver Police Department’s pilot pup program and, depending on well Shelby performs in the program, the Department might even add more therapy dogs across the Mile High City.

Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen was not shy in expressing his excitement for Shelby to join the force:

“We are honored to add Shelby to our ranks today,” Pazen said. “Having her on the team and on the streets adds a level of comfort for our residents who may otherwise be hesitant to engage with a police officer. We look forward to connecting with those we serve in a positive manner and for everyone to meet Shelby.”

Courtesy of Denver Police Department
Courtesy of Denver Police Department

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