You may have heard 'Critical Mistakes' at 888's Edge of The X performance in Fort Collins earlier this month, or on your radio as it's starting to impact the airwaves nationally. This morning, the Denver band released a music video for 'Critical Mistakes' set in their hometown, and they didn't even warn us that we would need tissues and a fresh coat of mascara after watching it.

Created by Blurred Pictures, who has also worked with Brick + Mortar and American Authors, the video features various people coming face-to-face -- literally-- with the mistakes they committed in a matter of moments; the lapse in judgement, the dishonesty, the split-second decision which altered the course of not only their lives, but others'.

While the video may be a fictional portrayal of events (though, I could be wrong), it surfaces the feeling of regret; it's a confrontation of what we carry with us.

All I can say, is you've got to see it for yourself (but I did warn you about the tissues and the mascara thing). 


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