ON-AIR WITH SHELBY | Monday mornings are hard, but they're a little better when you get to start of the week chatting with Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park, Fort Minor) about... moths. 


OK, we didn't just talk about sending moths to radio stations. Shinoda is coming to the Fillmore in Denver on November 9 on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, and he has a new record, Post Traumatic, featuring the single 'Make It Up As I Go' with K. Flay. 

But, chances are, this performance isn't like any show with Shinoda you've been to before. He says that in addition to his new work, you will hear some Fort Minor, and yes, Linkin Park, too. Take a listen here:

Mike Shinoda on Moth Memes 

Mike Shinoda on Music After Chester Bennington, What You'll Hear at His Show

Tune in next week to the 4 O'Clock Hookup for your chance to get hooked up with tix to the show!

Mike Shinoda ft. K. Flay 'Make It Up As I Go'

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