The song is called 'Happier,' but dammit, I will never hear it without crying ever again. 

People suck, but dogs are amazing — that's the moral here. I have always been a fan of Bastille, but they are monsters for making this video that I watched AT WORK (mistake).


Just kidding, I still love Bastille, and they are not monsters.The video was made by Marshmello, who tells Rolling Stone that he recently I lost his dog.

'I wanted the video to embrace the pain that we feel losing someone close to us and the cycle of life. This is what made me happier,' he said.

As someone with two old dogs at home, this video was hard to watch. Also because Miranda Cosgrove is 25, how can she still pull off the role of a young teenage girl? iCarly does not age??!


WARNING: Video contains highly emotional content if you love or have ever loved a dog. Watch at your own risk and probably in privacy and probably with some tissues handy. 

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