We were some of the first to check in with the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer as he makes his way across America. #MarsAcrossAmerica

So here's what's going on, in case you missed it. Jared Leto left N.Y.C. yesterday, and is now traveling across America by bus, Uber, hitchhiking, hot air ballooning -- you name it. He is trying to get to L.A. by Friday, April 6. Why?

Because exploring the beauty of America and the people you meet along the way is the whole theme behind Thirty Seconds to Mars' album, America, which comes out Friday, April 6. Make sense?

So, anyway, shortly after Leto posted a video of himself hopping into a semi truck in the Midwest, he gave me a ring in the studio (and you know I asked him if he'd come through Colorado). Here's what he had to say:

Follow his #MarsAcrossAmerica journey through the Leto NORAD tracker, his Twitter. Oh, and keep your eyes out for a guy who looks like Jesus on the side of the road, it could be Jared!

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