ON-AIR WITH SHELBY | Rise Against's Zach Blair jokes that he's in Fort Collins 'more than people that live here,' and and explains why their new album 'Wolves' wasn't recorded at The Blasting Room.

I was pretty stoked to get to talk to Rise Against's guitarist, Zach, last week, but I was ultimately left astounded by his knowledge of our station's hometown. The band has a well-known history with Fort Collins because they've recorded a handful of albums at The Blasting Room, but I didn't realize they've spent the last two decades eating Big City Burrito and catching flicks at the Lyric like a bunch of locals.

Given the band's relationship with The Blasting Room, we were left to wonder why their 2017 album, Wolves, wasn't done here in town. Here's why... 

Zach Blair Talks Rise Against's New Album, Wolves

'You can absolutely disagree with us. Don't just let us spoon feed you what we think and feel.'

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