You can kill Kenny, but you can't kill South Park. The Colorado-inspired cartoon is reportedly a top-rated show across the country in 2019.

'Viewers of the show watched a staggering 30 billion minutes of the long-running series on linear TV in 2019, according to Comedy Central,' The Hollywood Reporter shared. 'That figure, which includes first-run episodes and repeats... is the equivalent of more than 57,000 years.'

Note that those minutes (er, thousands of years) don't even reflect streaming. The Hollywood Reporter says the show is most popular with men under the age of 35, like Zedd, who is no longer allowed in China (reportedly) because he 'liked' that South Park Tweet that one time.

Despite the #cancelsouthpark campaign, the show has been renewed until 2022, so people can continue to spend billions of minutes watching the show that takes you to Casa Bonita and beyond.

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