Season 20 of South Park is in full swing on Comedy Central, and episode six, which airs Wednesday, October 26, is titled 'Fort Collins.'

1998 "Kenny", "Cartman", "Kyle", and "Stan" are the characters in the hit series "South Park."
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According to a 'spoiler' website,, 'Garrison is hiding in Colorado as the Presidential election day nears... Meanwhile, a Colorado city is hacked by someone.'

Ah, a political episode; that's going to be good. We could assume that the 'hacked' Colorado city is Fort Collins, and we hope nothing too bad happens to us -- but then again, it is South Park.

So. You know. The episode's promo 'Got a Minute?' doesn't tell us too much...

The popular TV show has featured many locations we know of in the past, like Casa Bonita, Pepsi Center, Pioneer Village, and now, our hometown.

S20 E6 'Fort Collins' airs tomorrow (10/26) at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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