Colorado's favorite show about Colorado isn't going anywhere (yet), even after its own creators hinted at canceling it.

Digital Spy reported that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone may have wanted the series to end... but considering Comedy Central has reportedly renewed it for three more seasons, it looks like Kenny's going to live a little longer.

New episodes of the show will start on September 26, and Loudwire has shared that there will be at least a few more seasons to come.

'The animated series, which first aired in August of 1997, has been one of the most highly-rated comedy series for years,' Loudwire reported. 'The three new seasons will consist of 30 total episodes and will run through 2022, reaching a total of over 320 episodes. It's the longest-running cartoon series following The Simpsons.'

1998 "Kenny", "Cartman", "Kyle", and "Stan" are the characters in the hit series "South Park."
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South Park is responsible for introducing the rest of the world to Casa Bonita, and there was even an episode about Fort Collins in season 20.

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