This has to be the tiniest town with the most things to do, in the entire world.  You can:

  • Fish Lake Rhoda, after which the town was named.
  • Shop (or people watch) at Walmart.  Because even a town of 8 has a Walmart.
  • Go to an amusement park (?!) that's as old as the town itself.
  • Take a step to the east and be in Denver.

That would be Lakeside, Colorado!

The history sounds hip enough.  Both the town and Lakeside Amusement Park were founded by a Denver brewer, Adolph Zang.  He wanted to start a town that wouldn't be subject to Denver's then-strict liquor laws; so he did just that, right across the Jefferson County line.

Today, the residents are people who run the amusement park.  The park is one of the oldest in the U.S., and includes the historic Tower of Jewels, which was once the tallest building in Denver.  It features 37 rides, for an admission price ranging from $12 to $26..., or, you can spend $3.50 and just walk around the place.  It's the only remaining amusement park that used to carry the name White City.




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