If your town was found to be the 'drunkest' city in your state, would you be saddened... or perhaps a bit more proud?  Would it sway your answer that it was the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that did the study?  It was, and the factors they used for their conclusions were a) percentage of adults studied in an area who are binge drinkers, and b) alcohol-related deaths.

When they put it that way, this isn't a proud moment for Fort Collins - the drunkest city in Colorado.  No surprise this finding is greatly attributed to the large college student population here - almost 12 percent of FoCo is college students.  And 21% of those are said to excess or binge drink, the largest share in Colorado.

When I first saw this information (which includes the drunkest city in every state) and immediately scanned down to Colorado and saw Fort Collins, I felt amused and a little proud, as I hadn't read all the information above yet.  Because I love my booze.  I like cheap beer, craft beer, scotch, bourbon, brandy, tequila, rum, Cabernet, and just about anything else you sit in front of me; but, that's because I associate it with fun; and with any fun, there must be responsibility - you know, so you can drink more.

If you know anyone who may be drinking in ways that are dangerous to anyone's life, here's a local phone number where they can get pointed toward some counseling:  800-959-6280.

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