I'm just gonna say it:  I can't believe there are people who are against this.  I mean, who among us is either employed or a student, who hasn't felt the rage that comes when you have to get a project done NOW, people are waiting on you, and your Internet - which, by the way is a utility we count on in 2017, unlike even 10 years ago - decides it doesn't want to play right now??

I called Century Link about a month ago, after having repeated interruptions in my broadband over the course of the entire summer, seeing their guys working on a giant box across the street from my house, AND even having a dude come by at one point to test the path to see what the problem was - and him telling me "Just between you & me?  Buy your own router.  Ours suck.  Have a nice day."  Still, I had them send me a new router just to make sure, and it also gives out 1/3 of the download speed I'm paying for - to which their reply was finally, after all this... "Well, you lose a bunch of it when you go wireless, so that's why."  Umm, then, don't advertise otherwise, crooks.

The only reason I'm still with Century Link is because Comcast was even worse - and with my wife and myself both being home-business operators, I can tell ya:  Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

So, after sitting back and watching how it's gone since Longmont started providing Internet for its citizens, the City of Fort Collins has put this option on the November 7th ballot.  But we'd like to know your thoughts on it here, too:

Here are some details on the plan.


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