I continue to long for the opportunity to raft, or heck, even just TUBE on the river. Right now though, there are just too many reasons why I can't: Mainly, I'm a family guy and I want my girls to be bigger before they try it. Also, I'm not sure I'm up for the icy temperatures of our mountain streams. It has to be pushing 100 degrees for me just to take the swinging rope that's off of College & Vine (you knew about that, right?)  But, that's what the wet suits are for, right?  Do they really work, much like my ski jacket keeps me warm?

This particular video was taken in Oregon - but it looks an awful lot like the Poudre, and admit it: You know you'd love to try this at least once!

That's alright. I don't want to rush past this age, when my girls think going to Lake Loveland is the best thing in the world! As a life-long lake swimmer, I couldn't NOT get them involved.

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