I'm always wanting to experience more of Boulder County, in part because I feel like I've barely tapped this area; but, so far we keep going back to this same place, because we miss it after a year has gone by.

You take Highway 66 west to Lyons, go left on Highway 7, and that can take you to plenty of adventures on its own; but I like to go left off of 7 onto 72, and it's really easy to miss, but there's this 1900-ish concrete bridge on the right (probably about five miles onto Highway 72,) under which there is the most beautiful rushing river.  If you're lucky/smart enough to get there in time, you can snag a place to camp right near it.  There are also some mesmerizing hike-to campsites at the beginning of the path that'll be to the right of the stream.

You can also hike to the left of the stream, which is very cool as well.

Hiking along the right, though, after 20-30 minutes, if you veer off into the forest a bit, almost to another, more relaxed creek, you'll notice a giant teepee that looks like it was built by experts, God only knows how long ago.  Could have been some motivated campers less than 10 years ago... But possibly it was put there by Native Americans a lot longer ago than that.

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