All you have to do is look at a few comments on Facebook (which I don't generally recommend) to see people, usually non-supporters, making all kinds of new names out of John Hickenlooper, that of our Colorado Governor.  On Who Wants to be a Millionaire recently, here's what that looked like:

Steve Staeger Twitter Page
Steve Staeger Twitter Page

The player got the answer correct, but they did have to use a lifeline.

The Gov' has my respect for this alone; as Gundy isn't my last name.  There are a few reasons I don't use my real last name on the radio, not the least of which is I don't want an individual who is more disturbed than I am endangering myself or my family.  Also, it would be very distracting, and no one would hear anything else I ever say.  They might even think it crosses the line of what the FCC considers obscenity, and try to yank our broadcast license; so, believe me, I know there are far worse things people make out of John's name than the choices given on 'Millionaire.

I love my real last name.  But, let's just say that, by 1st grade, I learned very quickly that I had two choices:  a) Become class clown, or b) get used to getting my ass kicked on a daily basis.  I chose Door Number One.


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