A guy who got a traffic violation in Denver wrote a hysterical review of the jail he had to spend a few hours in.  Tell me if Flip Martinez doesn’t make this place sound like a five-star resort!

Twitter page for Adams County Sheriff's Office
(Twitter via Adams County Sheriff's Office)

Through 9 News, Martinez does admit not all of that was a lie, and that they did actually treat him nicely.  He also makes a point that “I’m not a killer or anything … on the loose,” but rather he is bad about keeping up with court dates that are a result of traffic violations.  He also mentions he's relieved the people at the jail have a sense of humor, as he was a bit nervous how they would take his review.

This is a reminder we all could use regularly: Do that creative thing you think about sometimes, no matter how ridiculous it might seem. I would not be surprised if this guy lands a comedy and/or writing career from this.

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