A guy from Virginia, named Enver, had a six-hour layover at D.I.A., so, with the help of a friend who came and picked him up for a tour of Denver, he made the most of his time.  Sure, he visited a lot of fun places, but that's neither unusual nor creative.  This was.

Enver Siddiky Facebook page
Enver Siddiky Facebook page

Okay, it's one thing to take a couple of funny pictures, but this guy took more half a dozen, and he was doing the same thing in all of them:  Standing in front of the letter 'D' in each sign that had the word Denver in it, so it was like his own city.  Besides what you see here, he's photographed in front of

  • Denver Botanic Gardens
  • Denver Museum of Science and Nature
  • Denver Chophouse
  • The Denver Diner
  • The Denver Pavillions
  • The Denver Post
  • The Denver Zoo
  • Denver Skatepark

Not only did he make the rounds in one day, this guy totally did Denver like no one ever has or probably ever will again!

As soul-draining as Facebook comments can be, here are some reasons why I still read them, albeit discerningly:

OH I GET IT! So when people ask "wheres the D?" you can just point at your junk!

denver without the d, sounds like the bronco's season

Depic! Oops, I mean...

Almost every other comment I saw was simply strangers sharing a laugh.  Thanks, Env!!

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