The state of Colorado is desirable for people looking to make a move, and also to businesses looking to prosper. A top ranked television show is also making the same type of move to the state.

According to the Denver Post, Bravo's award winning reality show "Top Chef" is taking the cameras and contestants on the road this winter with the series being shot strictly from Colorado.

"Top Chef Colorado" will debut on Bravo starting on Thursday, December 7th. Footage for the series was shot earlier in the year, in May and June at locations throughout the state.

And when you watch the first look trailer on Youtube, it looks like the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park will be featured in the upcoming season.

Two of the chef contestants are from the state as well, with one from Colorado Springs and another from Denver.

This marks season 15 of the "Top Chef" series, which is hosted by Padma Lakshmi along with Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, and Graham Elliot.




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