Driving around Colorado can be an absolute nightmare. 

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At times you’re going to run into some serious speed demons. Just last month, a Fort Collins driver was pulled over for going double the speed limit. It was going 84 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone.

Two Colorado cities also place in the top 20 for cities with the worst drivers, with Lakewood coming in at 18th and Pueblo getting 10th worst.

With all of this being said, is it any surprise that Colorado has some angry drivers? This is not to say it’s okay, but there’s certainly some stressors on the roads out here.

However, the amount of road rage that Coloradans experience is significantly higher than the rest of the country. 

Coloradans Ranks as the 4th Worst State for Road Rage


ConsumerAffairs created a study to find the states with the most road rage in the country for 2024. When they crunched all the numbers, Colorado came in 4th place.

To get said numbers, they looked at multiple factors to come up with their rankings,with most of them being per 100K residents. 

These include how many road rage incidents involve a gun, fatal accidents caused by aggressive and careless driving, along with the amount of aggressive and/or careless driving or speeding violations per 100k residents. 

The final statistic is looking at the percentage of accidents due to aggressive and/or careless driving. 

Given All the Criteria, Just How Bad is Colorado’s Road Rage Problem?


Quite bad. 

For one, Colorado almost has 0.81 road rage incidents with a gun per 100k residents, which is almost double the national average. While that may seem low, the 6th worst state, New Jersey, only has 0.07 out of 100k residents to put it into context.

When it comes to fatal accidents because of aggressive and/or careless driving, Colorado has 7.41 per 100k people. The percentage of fatalities due to aggressive and/or careless driving also is high, citing at 63.4%.

The percentage of accidents caused by aggressive and/or careless driving is also staggering, with it making up 61.9% of all accidents in Colorado.

Finally, speeding violations from careless and/or aggressive driving sits at 2.83 per 100k residents.

With all of these numbers combined, Colorado get’s a total road rage score of 41.42.

What is the State Has the Most Road Rage, and Who Has the Least?


In terms of the worst state for road rage, Louisiana was found to be the worst of them all. 

Their most shocking statistic is just how high their fatal accidents due to aggressive and/or careless driving is, sitting at 11.55 out of 100k residents. They have a total score of 47.32.

On the other hand, the most peaceful state to drive in is New Hampshire. Not only is their percentage of accidents caused by careless and/or aggressive driving all the way down at 14.6%, but their road rage score is incredibly low, sitting at 3.07. To put that into context, the second lowest is Rhode Island, with a score of 8.19. 

It’s worth asking: Does Colorado really one of the worst states for road rage? If so, what are some of your experiences with it?

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