In Colorado, there’s a couple of rules when it comes to sleeping in your car. 

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Yes, it is legal to do so, but you’ve got to jump through a couple of hoops before you can do it.

Obviously, if you’re going on a long road trip and can’t make it to a hotel, truck stops are a fantastic place to go. 

However, if you’re parked in a different lot, you’re going to need to see if it is an overnight spot

If not, you need to find somewhere else. 

This begs the question: Are you allowed to sleep at rest stops in Colorado?

One might think so, given that rest is in the name. However, the answer will likely shock you. 

As It Would Turn Out, You Cannot Sleep At Rest Stops in Colorado


That’s right, it’s completely illegal to do in Colorado. 

It is one of the only states in the country to not allow overnight parking at rest stops in the entire country. This is extremely uncommon, with only three other states implementing this rule: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

On the other hand, camping is not allowed in pretty much every state, so you can pull out the tent to get past the system.

However, since there’s no overnight parking, this means you can still get sleep during the day if you need it.

If You Need a Place to Sleep in Your Car in Colorado, There’s a Way to Find Out Where You Can


While some people just need to sleep in their car for travel, others do so because it is their only choice.

Thanks to an organization called the Colorado Safe Parking Initiative, people who are living in their cars in Colorado are able to find safe places to park and rest.

According to their website, vehicular homelessness is more common than people think, and many people going through it are not counted amongst homeless populations. 

CSPI wants to help people experiencing vehicular homelessness by giving them safe and legal places to rest along with bathroom access. 

They have ways for people to reach out to find these parking lots, while also giving people resources to host a lot themselves.

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