I get frustrated when people use the excuse of being old to not do fun, crazy things.  Especially when they're as young as 50 (with due respect, as I'm not there yet,) or worse yet, in their 20s.

Because... THIS:

Hazel came here from Washington State visiting her grandkids recently, and took this 600-FOOT DROP, without giving it a second thought.

Just when I thought Winter Park (well, Mary Jane, really) couldn't be a happier place than it's always been.

Ever go to ski resorts in the summertime?  I was just at Steamboat, and it looked weird... a little sad, but wow, still so uniquely beautiful without the snow.  I promised myself I'd return this coming winter, at least once, ready to snowboard.

Winter Park has some activities going on in the summer.  I might be just as apt to camp in the vicinity.



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