Colorado Preservation, Inc. has announced three new places that will be on Colorado's Most Endangered Places list for 2021

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Historic Bridges Project - CBS4 Denver

Colorado Preservation works with the state to 'save threatened or endangered historic buildings, landscapes, and archaeological sites.' The organization said that in its 24 years of creating the annual list, it has saved 52 sites, and only seven of them were lost forever.

The Head Home - CBS4 Denver
The Head Home - CBS4 Denver

On February 11, Colorado Preservation announced three additions, which make up the 2021 list. It includes a number of bridges throughout the state, constructed between 1888 and 1973, the Lafayette Head Home & Ute Indian Agency built in 1855, and a mid-century ski lodge at Winter Park.

The Winter Park 'Balcony House' is one that's getting a lot of attention, because according to Colorado Preservation, there are plans to demolish the resort's original ski lodge, and replace it with a six-story condominium complex.

'Since 1955, the Balcony House has played an essential role in skiing, snowboarding and summer activities, and in enhancing the overall experience of visitors,' Colorado Preservation's website says. 'The two-story Balcony House, with its panoramic views from cascading balconies, is a prime example of Mid-century Modern architecture and may be the only remaining Mid-century Modern public ski lodge in Colorado.'

See more below, from CBS4 Denver:

Going into 2021, Colorado Preservation also announced two properties now considered 'saved': Gold Medal Orchard in Montezuma County and Goodnight Barn in Pueblo Count, below.

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