You may not have heard of 'Sofar' -- or, 'Songs from a Room' -- but you have probably heard names like Bastille, Hozier and The Unlikely Candidates. They're all artists who have performed for Sofar Sounds, and now, it's coming to Fort Collins.

CBS recently featured the mysterious Sofar, which they describe as unplugged, intimate musical gatherings with up-and-coming artists -- but, there is a catch.

'Concert goers buy their tickets not knowing who’s performing or where the concert is being held – which could be in an office, someone’s living room, or a rooftop. Those attending get the location just days before.' - Jonathan Vigliotti, CBS News

Read the full story on Sofar from CBS News.

The Unlikely Candidates -- Sofar Dallas

Reminds me quite a bit of that one time at Illegal Pete's for The Unlikely Candidates' Edge of The X -- leather jacket included.

Now I'm thinking how cool it would have been to have seen Dan Smith or Hozier in someone's living room, right? Well, we might have our chance to see who may be the 'next big thing' at Sofar Sounds Fort Collins.

(But can we take a moment to check out baby Bastille performing 'Pompeii' in 2011?)

Bastille -- Sofar London

The launch show in Fort Collins is at a secret location in the university area on March 4. It isn't until after you're a ticket holder that you'll know who you're seeing, and exactly where you'll be seeing them. Down for the mystery? Get your ticket here.

Still want to know more about Sofar? Check out and watch the video below.

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