With large gatherings currently on hold, there is one way you can still enjoy live music while keeping your social distance: the drive-in. 

A couple of weeks ago, the Holiday Twin Drive-In opened for the season in Fort Collins with a complete sell out, because not only do we love our classic drive-in theater (one of the few left), but it's also just about one of the only things we can do right now outside of the house while in the Safer at Home phase.

In Denmark, music fans saw an opportunity to bring the concert experience to the drive-in, and now our local theater is doing the same.

The Beanstalk Music Festival will be held at the Holiday Twin on June 26 and 27 from 5 p.m. to midnight for both nights (and yes, adult beverages will be available).

'You will be allowed to set up blankets and chairs outside of your vehicle, however, that does not mean that you can roam freely around the venue,' the event post says. 'If you are not going to the concessions or to the bathroom, you must stay with your vehicle.'

Maybe (movie schedule permitting) this will open up the opportunity for more bands and artists to still perform while social distancing is in effect.

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