If you haven't heard, Taste of Fort Collins is moving online on Friday, July 24, with virtual performances from the Colorado bands you voted onto the lineup. Now, we have your chance to win a performance from one of those bands IRL, but safely, don't worry.

Driveway Jam 2020 could be coming to your house! FNBO is teaming with Townsquare Media of Northern Colorado to bring live music to directly to your driveway for a safe concert that adheres to current social distancing guidelines. On June 27, you could win a Driveway Jam with Denver psychedelic rock group, Moonlight Bloom.

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Give us the rundown, guys. Moonlight Bloom is...

A rock trio creating what we call 'High Plains Psychedelia' from Denver, CO. We met when founding members Charlie Harmon (guitar/vocals) and Dan Timmers (bass/vocals) met in 2015, when Timmers responded to a Craigslist ad that Harmon had posted. Both had separately moved to Colorado to pursue music and thus formed Moonlight Bloom. Not long after, the two musicians linked up with drummer and Atlanta native, Jonny Morningstar, and we've been making unique psychedelic sound into mind-bending recordings and performances ever since.

Courtesy of Moonlight Bloom/Leo Sideras
Courtesy of Moonlight Bloom/Leo Sideras

During quarantine, Moonlight Bloom kept busy by... 
Prior to the quarantine, we were heavily focused on live performances and unfortunately needed to make a shift when everything closed. We have kept busy by jumping back into the studio with creative sessions involving writing and recording a brand new catalog of music. We recently released an album at the beginning of the year but felt like this would be a great time to remain creative.

We also dove head first into the live-stream game. We've been able to connect with our audience more regularly even from our home studio. We also have a few new music videos getting ready to launch. Overall, we're just doing whatever we can to keep the train rolling despite the huge changes in the music industry. Music aside, we re-watched Twin Peaks and Avatar: The Last Airbender. We've also played a lot of cards.

You're about to go to someone's house and perform in their driveway, which may be a little different than your typical house show. Where have some of your favorite gigs in Colorado been? 

We've played all over the state, because Colorado offers a variety of great locations. The outdoor stage at the Colorado Room in FoCo has been one of our favorite places to play in the warmer months. Breckenridge and Carbondale have also blossomed into popular spots for us as well — both of which have become favorites thanks to the awesome people that tend to work and hang out there. Also, of course, our sold-out album release show earlier this year at Lost Lake in Denver is a stand-out favorite gig — we love playing Lost Lake, and that night in particular went as well as we could have hoped.

Courtesy of Moonlight Bloom/Leo Sideras
Courtesy of Moonlight Bloom/Leo Sideras

For those who don't know the band (yet), Moonlight Bloom is for fans of: 

Newer bands like King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Kikagaku Moyo, Tame Impala, and older bands like Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Led Zeppelin (especially how they played live). Oh, and of course, Taylor Swift!

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Your cover of 'Dazed and Confused' is amazing. Are you bringing a smoke machine?  (OK, that's not really the question, I just want to know.) What can the winner and their friends expect when Moonlight Bloom rolls up to their house for the Driveway Jam?

Thank you! That's been one of our favorite covers to play for years now. No smoke machine this time, we wouldn't want the neighbors to get the wrong impression. The Driveway Jam might be a bit of a surprise —  we're working with a few different ideas and considering how much we'll be able to do in someone's driveway.

It may be a stripped-down acoustic set which is a very rare thing for us. Something only our closest fans have seen and something that really gets down to the roots of what we're all about. If we're able to reasonably pull it off, though, we would like to do a stripped-down electric set which would still be different than going full-volume in a venue, yet little closer to our typical, energetic vibe.

Moonlight Bloom - 'Dazed and Confused' (Led Zeppelin Cover)

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