We've all seen these pumpkins at EVERY pumpkin patch. That doesn't mean they're not looking for their forever home (before they get smashed by teenagers on Halloween night).

I'm not going to tell you where these pumpkins come from, because that's really not fair to this particular patch. You're going to see pumpkins like these EVERYWHERE you go - it's just a matter of fact, NOT a diss on farming/gardening skills. It's just NATURE! There are a lot of beautiful pumpkins all over Northern Colorado that are grown with much love, knowledge, and care, but I found some of the "unwanted" pumpkins deserving of a good home. Just add some paint, sparkles, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc. and they'll look fabulous! Plus, who knows...maybe the patch will give them to you for free. SCORE if they do!

These are Northern Colorado's ugliest pumpkins - they need a home, too: 

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