Let me put into perspective how I feel about this: it's currently, at the time of writing this, about 3:45 am and I am tired but a surge of energy and anger is currently coursing through my body after seeing this and hearing about it.

According to 9 News, a veteran just a few months away from his 101st birthday has died after being assaulted during a walk in Longmont.

It is heartbreaking and angering, to say the least. The victim, Kenneth Barhite, had told a bystander that he had been pushed from behind causing him to hit a parked car and fall to the ground, according to Longmont Police.

The victim's daughter also added that Kenneth, while on his post-dinner walk, saw a man sitting on a bench, said hello, then had a racial slur shouted at him, and shortly thereafter was reportedly assaulted.

Lydia Tafoya, the victim's daughter, said that her father suffered multiple fractures and his injuries worsened over the last few days. He ultimately passed away due to those injuries.

Police are still searching for the man suspected of the crime. They say he was between 40 and 50 years old and was wearing blue checkered pants at the time of the assault.

My heart breaks for this veteran and his family and friends. He served our country in the United States Army in the Philippines for four years during World War II and was just a couple of months away from his 101st birthday in January.

If you have any information about the suspect, please contact police at 303-774-8933 and reference the case number 21-8933.

Once again, our thoughts and condolences to the family and friends of this true American hero.

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