It's one of the most-fun holidays of the year: Halloween. Kids get lots of candy, horror movies hit the theaters, and we all get to dress up in great costumes.

If you're looking to make an impact at the party you're going to this year, donning a "Colorado Style" costume may, indeed set you apart from the rest. What better way to have fun and celebrate the Centennial State?

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Colorado is well known for its 14'ers, so we've put together a list of 14 Colorado-themed costumes for you to go after. You'll show up to your party/event and folks we'll say, "Yes! That's awesome!"


Some of these "Colorado" costumes come from the state's history, some come from pop culture, and some are notable "Only in Colorado" items. Some may take a bit to assemble, while others are relatively easy. Of course, having a great costume also involves a bit a showmanship- you have to "sell" your costume to the folks.

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Some of the Colorado-themed costumes can be put together at a fairly low cost, while others may run you $100 or more. When it comes to "crushing" the perfect, however, price should take a back seat. Spread the word about these costumes; you and your friends could all pick one and own the party/event you're headed to.

This is a list you can bookmark for future Halloween celebrations. You could be the person that people will be asking about: "What Colorado thing is Ron coming as, this year?"

Take a look at our list of 14-

14 Colorado-Themed Halloween Costumes

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