After nearly 20 years in business based in Boulder, Bobo's has operations under one roof in Loveland, Colorado. Will Loveland be known as "Snacktown, USA?"

It was in late 2021 that Bobo's Oat Bars announced that it would be opening a facility to bake and package its products in Loveland. Now, the Sweetheart City has another thing to brag about: Bobo's.

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Bobo's began in 2003 with a mother and daughter (the daughter's nickname is "Bobo") coming together to make a snack from items they had in their kitchen. They had just four ingredients. Seventeen years later, they made INC. magazine's 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2020 list (No. 3124.) All of Bobo's snack food items are gluten-free and non-GMO certified; they're very popular, and not just in Colorado.

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Now, instead of three facilities across the Front Range, the ever-growing company will house baking and packing in this 123,000-square-foot facility in Loveland, increasing its capacity three-fold. They'll go from baking in just a few ovens to a "super-bakery" with 24 state-of-the-art ovens. They'll be able to stay true to their roots with home-baked quality at a much larger scale. This new Loveland facility is also entirely wind-powered.

You may have seen the facility being built, especially if you have family members involved with NORCO Volleyball, as Bobo's is just west of them (at their new facility) on Kendall Parkway. Of course, it's near that new Amazon center that's also going up in that area.


Looking at photos of the new Bobo's bakery, I'm going to have to guess that at least a few of the upgrades floored their current 300 employees. The state-of-the-art ovens more resemble a walk-in cooler than they do rack ovens, just for starters. They're also utilizing robotic technology to fill the forms that their bars are baked in. They call it a "Bobot."


Take look inside the new Loveland, Colorado, Bobo's facility.

Bobo's New State-Of-The-Art-Snack Bar Baking Facility in Loveland, Colorado

Born in Boulder, the nearly 20-year-old company has moved all operations under one roof using wind-powered energy, in Loveland, Colorado.

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