This leaves one with some questions, like:

-Are there guides to help first-timers?

-Do workplace destinations customarily have changing rooms?

-How does the transition from tuber to professional [whatever] go over once you arrive at work, i.e. how understanding are your customers?

-What about liability, and on whose part?

-How can we move the radio station to over by a creek so I can do this?

Answers to most of that here.

It's happening along Boulder Creek as I type:

If you had the opportunity, would you partake?

Confession:  Although I have recreated in the mountains almost as long as I can remember... I have never tubed on the river.  I want to start out with Picnic Rock before the summer is over, but I'm waiting to make sure I won't die doing it.  The Poudre's been brutal this year.

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