As we have noted many different times, Colorado’s food scene has been on the come up for a while now.

When it comes to great breakfast places, there’s so many different and incredible options. 

For one, you’ve got places like Maggi’s Kitchen out in Longmont, Colorado. They’ve got a great selection, and the restaurant is named after the owner’s dog, which is lovely. 

My personal favorite is Rise! in Fort Collins, Colorado. They’ve got a great menu, with some of the best bacon and frittatas in town. 

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However, an awesome spot just got voted as the best breakfast spot in the state.

Village Coffee Shop in Boulder, Colorado is Voted the Best Breakfast Spot in the State

Yelp // Village Coffee Shop
Yelp // Village Coffee Shop

Recently, MSN created a list that contained the best breakfast spots in each state in the country

They ended up choosing the classic hole-in-the-wall spot in Boulder, Colorado, Village Coffee Shop.

They noted that while it’s a small diner with simple eats, what they do serve is some of the best pancakes, French toast, biscuits and gravy, and hash browns in the state.

Village Coffee Shop Has Been Praised by Multiple Different Publications as Well

Yelp // Village Coffee Shop
Yelp // Village Coffee Shop

On their website, you’ll find a ton of accolades the restaurant has received over the years.

NY Daily News gave them the illustrious title as one of “America’s Best Hole-in-the-Wall diners”. 

Road Food also said that Village Coffee Shop is “Worth driving from anywhere!”

Finally, Business Insider also gave them the title of best diner in Colorado, noting its incredible food and welcoming atmosphere.

What’s on the Menu at Village Coffee Shop in Boulder, Colorado?

Yelp // Village Coffee Shop
Yelp // Village Coffee Shop

The menu is full of breakfast classics that are done perfectly.

The “Village Favorites” section has tons of great options, including chicken-fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and amazing sausage and sausage links.

You’ll also find some great omelettes, French toast, and their especially beloved pancakes. 

While breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm, they also have a great lunch menu as well

What Are People Saying About Village Coffee Shop in Boulder, Colorado?

Yelp // Village Coffee Shop
Yelp // Village Coffee Shop

Not only are the professional reviews extremely high for the Village Coffee Shop, but the awesome people over at Yelp can’t get enough of this place either.

Sylvia R. had a great overall experience, noting it’s:

Exactly what you want in a greasy spoon diner – great eggs, great burgers and quick and respectful service, with a celebration if it’s your first time!”

R B. had a truly incredible experience with the most well known dish, saying:

“Oh my GOD. Genuinely the best blueberry pancake I have ever had in my entire life.”

Finally, Kelly O. made sure you knew about the aroma of this place: 

“This place is LEGIT. You can smell the bacon when you open the front door and it makes your mouth water immediately.”

With all of this high praise for the food and service, it might be time to make your way down to Boulder to do what the locals call “Losing Your Village Virginity”. 

Have you been to the Village Coffee Shop? If so, does it live up to the hype and high praise?

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