Rise Against has reportedly begun writing their next studio album, which of course has left us wondering if it means a return to Fort Collins.

According to Loudwire, right now, the band's focus is a little rest following time on the road, and writing.

'Yes, we are writing,' Tim McIlrath told Kerrang! '...but I wouldn’t hold your breath...We’ll put out the record when it’s done, not to try and meet some deadline.'

It's well known that Rise Against has a long history with The Blasting Room in Fort Collins. Revolutions Per Minute was the band's first album produced at The Blasting Room in 2002, and they went on to release a handful more together, most recently, The Ghost Note Symphonies in 2018.

Zach from Rise Against Explains Why Wolves (2017) Wasn't Recorded in Fort Collins:

'What we maybe didn't even realize while we were recording Revolutions per Minute - although we'd figure out much later - was that we were meeting our soul mate in terms of music. We were meeting our musical soul mate in the person who would understand the nuances of Rise Against: our sounds and he would understand intimately my voice and the lyrics and kind of the message. He tapped into it and he got it,' Tim McIlrath told Ultimate Guitar.

Zach Blair, the band's guitarist, said The Blasting Room's Bill Stevenson is like a fifth member of Rise Against and 'completely essential' to the band's writing and recording process... so we'll see.

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