This week marks the 16th anniversary of the release of Revolutions per Minute, Rise Against's first of a handful of records produced in Fort Collins. 

Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Revolutions per Minute is the band's second studio album, and it was produced at Fort Collins' The Blasting Room in late 2002. In an interview with Ultimate Guitar, Rise Against's Tim McIlrath said that The Blasting Room's Bill Stephenson 'was the perfect person to tap into the DNA of Rise Against and figure it all out and see where we were coming from.'

'What we maybe didn't even realize while we were recording Revolutions per Minute - although we'd figure out much later - was that we were meeting our soul mate in terms of music. We were meeting our musical soul mate in the person who would understand the nuances of Rise Against: our sounds and he would understand intimately my voice and the lyrics and kind of the message. He tapped into it and he got it,' Tim McIlrath told Ultimate Guitar.

Revolutions per Minute was released on April 8, 2003, and the band would return to Fort Collins to record The Sufferer & the Witness (2006), Appeal to Reason (2008), Endgame (2011), The Black Market (2014) and The Ghost Note Symphonies (2018).

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