Friday, July 27, Rise Against released The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1, an album completely unlike any other they've done before, and it was recorded in Fort Collins at The Blasting Room.

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These are the songs that made us who we are. Doing a stripped-down version shines a little more of a spotlight on them. We asked ourselves questions like, ‘How can we re-imagine this so that we’re not just playing the same song on acoustic guitars? What if we got a different instrument to play this part?’ - Tim McIlrath of Rise Against (via Virgin Records press release)

The band recorded the album with longtime friends Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson at The Blasting Room, with whom they have recorded several other albums. The Ghost Note Symphonies isn't the typical Rise Against record; the band gives stripped down versions of several of their songs, like 'Savior,' 'Audience of One,' and 'House on Fire.' The songs also feature instruments like violin and ukulele.

The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1 Track Listing: 

1 The Violence (Wolves)
2 Audience Of One (Appeal to Reason)
3 Faint Resemblance (The Unraveling)
4 House On Fire (Wolves)
5 Like The Angel (Revolutions per Minute)
6 Miracle (Wolves)
7 Savior (Appeal to Reason)
8 Wait For Me (Endgame)     
9 Far From Perfect (Wolves)
10 Voices Off Camera (Revolutions per Minute)


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