True story: When I was nine, I wanted to be Gwen Stefani (à la Return of Saturn era). My mom, being the awesome mom she is, let me spray dye my hair pink. Thanks, Mom. You Rock. 

She was always my favorite grunge girl growing up. I wanted to wear plaid pants and red lipstick in the years when most girls my age were more 'Baby One More Time' than 'Hey Baby.' In 2015, Gwen looks completely different than she did in No Doubt's inaugural days, yet she is still a stunning, style icon. This week, she announced a makeup line with Urban Decay. Now, 24-year-old me can't help but want to be Gwen, again.

According to Refinery29, '...for UD’s first-ever celebrity collaboration, founder Wende Zomnir linked up with none other than the inimitable Gwen Stefani. The preteen in us, dancing around to Tragic Kingdom in our childhood bedroom, is having a massive freakout.'

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Screenshot- Refinery29 Instagram
Screenshot- Refinery29 Instagram

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