If Gwen Stefani's new single is about Blake Shelton, it's pretty obvious she's very in like!

Stefani released her new single "Make Me Like You" after announcing plans for her first solo album in 10 years. The track was co-written by Stefani with the help of Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels.

Given the title and many of the lyrics, I can't help but think this song is all about Blake Shelton!

For example, Gwen Stefani opens the song with "I was fine before I met you / I was broken but fine;" this could be alluding to the heartbreaking emotions she felt following her divorce from Gavin Rossdale, also around the time she met and began dating Blake Shelton.

Blake and Gwen's relationship has continued going strong. Stefani has been making frequent romantic trips to Blake's home in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, since around Christmas, the two decked out in matching camouflage outfits and baseball caps.

Now, given that Gwen never sings the word "love" in her new song, however, maybe that's saying #TeamBlakeandGwen may be exclusive and having fun, but are not serious - yet. What do you think?

Analyzing other people's relationships can be exhausting! So let's just listen to this great new song and have a dance party. (Maybe she'll release an acoustic/country version someday? Okay, I'll stop!)

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