First, it was Tony Kanal, but they're cool now. Gavin Rossdale, step up to the plate!

Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

I love it when artists get vulnerable. It reminds us that they're human and they are just like us. They might be gorgeous, powerful and successful, but they still go through crap, too.

Gwen Stefani's career is one that has stayed momentous, right into 2015. Recently though, she and husband Gavin Rossdale announced their separation, after being paired up since since No Doubt and Bush were the poster children of the '90s alternative scene.

No Doubt's 1995 album, Tragic Kingdom,  was huge, and launched them into the spotlight. But, it was also largely influenced by Stefani's break up with the band's bassist, Tony Kanal (awkward?).

This last week, Stefani premiered the song 'Used to Love You, ' which is presumed to be about her split from Rossdale. You can hear it here:


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