It wasn't all just about about Gwen and Courtney Love. Some other awesome ladies ruled the male-dominated '90s alt scene, too, and we're here to make sure you remember who they are. 

Brenda Chase/Getty Images
Brenda Chase/Getty Images

I was all for Stefani's bindis and hot pink hair, even as a kid, but there is another blog post where I talk about that...

Love, however, I'm not as fond of, despite my admiration and emulation of her signature knee socks and faux fur coats. The bone I have to pick with her, and her status as the 'poster woman' of that era, is that I tend to agree with the popular notion that she's been riding out the last two decades as Cobain's widow.

In all honesty, Hole wasn't really all that worthy of the amount of attention they got. She's taken the limelight from some grunge gals who really had some game, independence and influence on the scene; just not the Nirvana connection.

Here are my picks fro '90s grunge girls we need to not forget about.

  • L7 - Pretend We're Dead (Donita Sparks)

    Yeah, sure, there was that incident, but uhh, just don't mess with a gal on that time of the month, OK?

  • Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid

    Kind of like Hole... just not.

  • The Breeders - Cannonball

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