When you order a gift and it never arrives is one of our biggest holiday fears. It looks like it's happening to one family, and they need our help.

As I was looking at the Fort Collins Question and Answer group on Facebook the other night, I saw this post from a Northern Colorado resident talking about how they received something that wasn't theirs. Here is their post on Facebook...

"This is a long shot but does anyone recognize this family? My daughter ordered a personalized blanket from Walmart and there was some mix up somewhere because this isn't hers! Walmart can't help and told us to donate it. Would rather try to find the rightful owner first as it was obviously a Christmas gift. Of course it's likely not a local family, but you never know!"

Do you think you may have an idea on who this blanket may belong to? If so, send us an email and we'll work with the person on Facebook to get it delivered to the rightful owner.

Even if you don't know, share this with as many people as you can and maybe we can get the word out and get the blanket and family reunited!

UPDATE: We've been able to get more close up photos so you can get a better look of the family. Definitely share with who you know!

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