In honor of Pi Day, we talked to a real pie: Pie of Greeley's Silver & Gold, which happens to be one of our favorite kinds of pie. Forget the free pizza and baked goods. Today, we're serving up a slice of Pie Lombardi.

Jesse Spencer/ Courtesy Pie Lombardi



Shelby: What is it like to have your own day?

Pie: Mostly it's like having a second birthday you don't deserve, but people get more upset if you don't accept it, so you just roll with it. Also it's kind of nice. It's like having your Cake (or PIE HAHAHAHA) and eating it, too. Squeezing in as many terrible jokes as I can, heads up.

Shelby: Please do. What kind of pie are you?

Pie: Well I'm a sensitive, caring Pie that has a deep amount of compassion and empathy for others. If we're talking filling, I would say apple.

Shelby: Apple pie is pretty sweet, so I'd say that ties in well with compassion and empathy. What kinds of things do people do for you on Pi Day?

Pie: Well usually I get a lot of people just asking me if I know what day it is. YES, YES I KNOW. But other than that I get a lot of "Happy Birthdays" and people always tell me that they are going to bake/buy me some pie but I have only had a few people follow through.

Shelby: Wow, that sounds really annoying.

Pie: After having a name like mine for 22 years, it really isn't. I've learned to accept the jokes and chortle at them myself. I used to have to smoke weed and get BAKED to enjoy them but I guess you could say I've COOLED OFF enough to laugh at myself. Also that message was seen at 3:14.

Shelby: Wow, that's magic. I see that in a couple days, you have a show coming up.

Pie: Yes! I have a solo acoustic set coming up on 3/16 at Brix Taphouse and Brewery in Greeley from 8-10 p.m. Then, the night after, my band Silver & Gold will be rocking St. Patty's at the Larimer Lounge in Denver. I urge anyone and everyone to come bring me some pie on either of those nights.

Shelby: Cool, so if the people are craving more Pie, now they know where to find it.